Health Policy Analysis

Role: Lead the consortium in evauation design and activaties.


  • Jim Pearse, Director (HCH Evaluation Director)
  • Deniza Mazevska, Director (HCH Evaluation Project Manager and Quality Manager)
  • Prof. Patrick McElduff, Principal Statistician & Conjooint Prof.of Biostastics University of Newcastle
  • Mr Joel Tuccia, Senior Consultant
  • Mr Zachary Davies, Data Scientist
  • Mr Paul Taylor, Consultant
  • Mr Owen Cho, Data Scientist/ Consultant

Centre for Big Data Research in Health, University of NSW

Role: Design and implement quantitative aspects of the evaluation, including data linkage, and prepare benchmarking reports for practices and PHNs.


  • Prof. Louisa Jorm, Director
  • Prof. Sallie-Anne Pearson, Head, Medicines Policy Research Unit
  • Michael Falster, Biostatistician and Research Fellow

Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation, University of Technology

Role: Economic analysis.


  • Prof. Jane Hall, Director of strategy
  • van Gool, Deputy Director
  • Thomas Longden, Economist

Local and international expert advisors

Role: Provide advice towards the evaluation design in areas of expertise, conduct qualitative interviews/ focus groups, review and comment on evaluation findings.


  • Prof. James Dunbar, Honorary Prof. and Director of Health Service Implementation Research Unit, Deakin Population Health Strategic Research Centre, Deakin University
  • Prof. Robyn McDermott, Director, Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention, James Cook University
  • Dr Tim Smyth, Consultant
  • Dr Rebecca Rosen, GP and Senior Fellow, Nuffield Trust London
  • Dr Steve Sutch, Director, Sutch Consulting International Ltd
  • Kathryn Mack McDonald, Executive Director, Center for Health Policy, Stanford University
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